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Roland Bastien, founder

« Bastien Industries, a family business, offers its clients authentic, 100% canadian huron products, produced with the utmost respect for traditional crafting techniques.  »


The rich cultural heritage of the Huron-Wendat First Nation expresses itself through local products focused both on comfort and style. Now exporting its products throughout the world, Bastien Industries distributes to Canada, the USA, Belgium, France and Japan.

Located north of Québec City, in Wendake, the Bastien Industries factory has been manufacturing and distributing its authentic products since 1972. Known for its high-quality moccasins and artisanal native products, the company was first founded by Mr. Roland Bastien. Inspired by the Ancient Big Chief of the Huron-Wendat tribe Maurice Bastien’s passion and expertise for crafting snowshoes and moccasins, Mr. Roland Bastien starts a business with a vision to bring forth products worthy of the Huron-Wendat heritage.

More than 40 years later, Bastien Industries still proudly pursues the mission of its founder: in the company’s workshop, descendents of the Huron-Wendat tribe still embrace with passion the trade of their ancestors, creating moccasins and artisanal products that now travel all over the world. Indeed, the company’s popular moccasin brand, Hiawatha, is available in many different countries, giving international appeal to moccasins decorated with the artistic needlework of Wendat women.

Today, it’s with passion and determination that Ms. Ginette Bastien, the founder’s daughter, keeps pushing the company towards evergrowing heights.

Ginette Bastien, Owner

Ginette Bastien, Owner