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Kuei ! Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon site ! Je vous invite à visiter ma boutique en ligne. Vous y trouverez de magnifiques articles de grande qualité et authentiques. Étant de la nation Innue du Québec au Canada, j’ai choisi comme logo une empreinte de lynx, un magnifique animal. Ainsi, le mot Pishu signifie lynx en langue Innue.

Il m’importe de souligner qu’aucune fourrure d’animal sauvage n’est utilisée dans la confection des articles. Le cuir d’original est un cuir valorisé à partir des prélèvements autorisés pendant la période chasse autorisée et contingentée au Québec, autrement ce cuir de grande qualité ne serait pas utilisé et celà ne rendrait pas tout le respect du à un animal si majestueux.


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The Wolf Den has been a destination for visitors to the Georgian Bay and Muskoka regions since 1967. The family business is in its second generation, and our ‘trading post’ style offers a unique shopping experience, whether you visit us in Parry Sound or shop online.

Our goal is to offer an exceptional collection of products crafted by artists and artisans from throughout Canada…Genuine Huron moccasins made of moosehide and deerskin, hand crafted jewellery, rawhide drums, Mohawk dreamcatchers, Inuit carvings, Ojibwe porcupine quill baskets and more.

A great selection, amazing customer service and five decades of doing it right!

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Cheryl’s Trading Post is an independent Native family owned, operated, and staffed business selling authentic handmade Native art. We focus primarily on local Northwest Coast Art. We also have products from across Canada and the United States, as well as Mexico, and Central and South America. The artists we work with are traditional people that practice their cultures and fulfill their responsibilities. The artists, the staff, and ourselves deserve to be compensated fairly for our work. And our customers deserve the highest quality work at the most reasonable prices possible. We are working to make this a positive experience for everyone.

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For more than 35 years Indianica has specialized in selling Native and Inuit art and crafts made by artists right here in Quebec and throughout North America. It is our mission to share the history and beauty of native culture through works of art and handmade craft items. We carry works from a wide range of Native peoples, from Navaho silver jewelry of the American southwest, to Huron moccassins and Inuit soapstone sculptures from Quebec and Nunavut.

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Moccasins Canada proudly sells a large selection of Canadian handmade moccasins at affordable prices. We have indoor and outdoor moccasins for men, women and children in many styles and colours. We have fast, economical shipping world wide, and are happy to answer any questions by phone or email.

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The Silver Moccasin is a native arts and crafts store located in Cobalt, Ontario. Moccasins are our specialty and here you will find a great selection of Canadian made moccasins, crafts, novelty gifts and souvenirs. Great care is taken to ensure all products meet our standards of quality that in turn allows you the customer complete satisfaction with your purchases. Shipping worldwide since 2007!

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Khewa signifies, the north wind that brings you back to your home… to your traditions. Khewa is a new initiative put together to promote and preserve the culture of native people. In a warm atmosphere, Khewa wants to create links and open its door for a better understanding between native people and non-native people.

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A bit about our History

The Curve Lake Indian Reserve and our part of the beautiful Kawarthas region of Ontario has a rich, sometimes tumultuous history. Books about this history are available at the gallery. But on this page we’d like to tell you about our own history at Curve Lake.

The Whetung family draws upon their own personal heritage in operating the Centre. Today’s enterprise, which also includes a workshop, Christmas shop, storehouse, gas bar, and picnic area, has evolved from a fishing lodge opened by Clifford Whetung’s grandfather in the early 1900s.

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Distributor for retail sale in the United States

When Fr. Dunstan Schmidlin started the Southwest Indian Foundation back in 1968, he felt a sense of urgency. With a true Franciscan’s love for the land and the harmony for creation, he was deeply troubled by the plight of his Native American brothers and sisters.

Where once these noble Americans had lived close to the earth, they now seemed displaced in their own land and disillusioned with their own dreams. In the relentless march of progress, they had somehow been left behind. They were the forgotten Americans.

We have always strived to maintain the original intentions of our Franciscan founder. First, to recognize the great human potential of each individual; and second, to offer those in need a hand – not a handout.

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He also has worked with the Native American Indians since the 1970’s, and has the largest collection of American Indian Jewelry in Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest.

We are very proud to now be the United States Distributor for the Huron-Wendat Indian Tribe. A
member of the Iroquois Nation, these descendants of Hiawatha proudly hand make their Native American “Hiawatha” brand of moccasins using Moosehide, deer hide, bull hide and a variety of hand made suedes hand beaded and trimmed with furs such as; Mongolian sheep, rabbit, fox & canadian beaver. You have a choice of soles, the traditional single leather or suede sole, a cushioned double leather sole, rubber soles, or crepe soles. We have a large selection of women’s slippers, moccasins, ankle high moccasins, Chuka Boots (short boots), Mukluks (tall boots), soft Infant moccasins, children’s moccasins for all ages, & a good range of moccasins & mukluks for men.

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