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Captain Shon has worked with Native American Indians since the 1970’s. He opened his first original store, called “Happy Hunting Ground”, in the old Western town of Pinnacle Pass in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California in 1972. Adjacent to that store he opened another called “Bovine Britches” where he and his staff did custom leatherwork, including Biker leathers, custom packs and pouches.

His second location was in Klamath, California. The Klamath Trading Post, was located right on scenic Highway 101, where the Klamath River empties into the Pacific Ocean, where he perfected and specialized in Indian style Smoked Salmon and Smoked Salmon Jerky and Buffalo Jerky.

To his newest location, Thunderbird Mountain Trading, at over 4000 square feet of Gallery and Showroom, he has the largest collection of Southwest American Indian Jewelry and Native Arts and Crafts in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Captain Shon specializes in the finest quality Native workmanship. And he is very proud and honored to be the United States Distributor for the Huron-Wendat Indian Tribe, a member of the Iroquois Nation. These descendants of Hiawatha proudly hand make their Native American “Hiawatha” brand of moccasins and mukluks. This has been a family tradition since 1878. Their traditional signature is Moosehair Tufting, also called Moosehair Embroidery. Their moccasins are handmade using Moosehide, deer hide, bull hide and a variety of suedes and leathers with many colors to choose from. Hand beaded and trimmed with furs such as; fox fur, beaver fur, rabbit fur, and other furs. There is a choice of soles, the traditional single leather or suede sole, a cushioned double leather sole, rubber soles, or crepe rubber soles.

We have a large selection of women’s slippers, moccasins, ankle high moccasins, Chuka Boots (short boots), Mukluks (tall boots), soft Infant moccasins, children’s moccasins for all ages, & a good range of moccasins & mukluks for men.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call: 707-460-6363, or 855-MOCS-123. Our business hours are every day from 9AM to 7PM PST, 7 days a week. We very much look forward to hearing from you.


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