Here you are in our brand new blog.Yiheh! It's a pleasure to welcome you!

Who are we? We are Bastien, an indigenous company located in the community of Wendake. We handcraft Arahchiou’, moccasins, in the greatest respect of the traditions of our ancestors and of our nation that has been making them since time immemorial. We are passionate people and we want you to discover all that surrounds our work, our craftsmanship.

In these blog pages, enjoy articles to:

  • Inspire you to wear moccasins in your own fashion, to integrate them into your style and to make them a trendy accessory that shows your individuality, your origins, your personality
  • Learn more about moccasins, their history, their craftsmanship and the traditions around them 
  • Open yourself to the Wendat culture and, more broadly, to indigenous cultures and interests  
  • Discover our team and its crafts
  • Follow our entrepreneurial initiatives

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Tiawenhk, entïio' chia' önenh!

Wendat's words of the day

  • Kwe! : hello, hi
  • Yiheh! : welcome
  • Arahchiou’ : mocassin
  • Tiawenhk  : thank you
  • Entïio' chia’ : have a nice day
  • Önenh : goodbye