First Steps gift box

98.00 $ CAD

The First Steps gift box is a collaboration between Bastien & Yawinonh to invite you to celebrate the arrival of a baby. Including Ora'wan (First Steps) oil and Yänionyen' (Bear's Paw) moccasins.

According to our Wendat traditions, your baby's first moccasins are a symbol of connection to his or her arrival on Mother Earth. The YÄNIONYEN' (bear) is our baby model made of moose hide. The fringed design has a traditional look and offers absolute comfort. A real bear's paw!

Ora'wan oil, meaning sunflower in Wendat, is also inspired by our traditions to honor your baby with a sacred and precious oil by massaging the body and hair. Sunflower oil had an important place in our traditional ceremonies. To pay tribute to an important person, their hair was oiled with the same precious oil during ceremonies. This tradition inspired us to create the Ora'wan product line, to pay tribute to ourselves and our loved ones on a daily basis by caring for our bodies with awareness and love.

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