In 2023, Bastien CEO, Jason Picard-Binet and Sky-Eagle Collection CEO, Dante Biss-Grayson had the privilege of making the final round of the Pow Wow Pitch. This competition, dedicated to indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada and U.S., showcases the work of business developers in all sectors, including fashion.

In addition to winning an honorable mention, Jason was also introduced to a talented fashion designer: Dante Biss-Grayson. A friendly and professional relationship was born!

Dante Biss-Grayson : a multidisciplinary creator

Founder of the Sky-Eagle Collection brand, Dante hails from the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. He is a multidisciplinary artist and committed fashion designer, pushing the boundaries of indigenous art and fashion.

Over the years, Sky-Eagle Collection has carved out a prominent place in the fashion world. Proof? The brand has been spotted at prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival, New York Fashion Week, the Oscars (oh yeah, the OSCARS!), Vogue magazine and more!

But first, Dante is a U.S. Army veteran. After numerous missions in places like Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, the artist struggled with PTSD. He found comfort and meaning in his art and fashion creations.

“It's a great honor for myself and my company to be associated with such a great role model of resilience and perseverance, in addition to tremendous artistic talent,” share Jason Picard-Binet, CEO of Bastien.


Why a collaboration between the two brands? First and foremost, to bring the indigenous peoples of America closer together. But also, “we wanted to spark the curiosity of non-indigenous people about our histories and traditions,” explains Jason. “ The border between Canada and the United States is imaginary: it's a line created by the colonizers,” he adds. “We have to break it down, and art and fashion are excellent tools to do so.

Whether north or south of the Great Turtle, First Nations share a knowledge and culture both rich and similar.


During discussions between Dante and Jason, an idea came to light: producing arahchiou’ inspired by the two nations.

Dante's desire was to create a minimalistic ballerina-type moccasin, as this is a very widespread model among Southwestern First Nations.

Jason, on the other hand, sought a 100% moosehide footwear, in respect of his traditions and territory. The design is inspired by the morning star.

Morning star

Just before sunrise, a lone star shines in the east. Many indigenous nations in America call this marvel the morning star.

With this star comes the sun and light on Mother Earth. It heralds the dawn. Because of its great importance in the daily lives of indigenous people, the morning star is often used in traditional designs and ornaments.

A raw and simple effect

Initially, the samples were made on the “skin” side of the leather. But something was missing! The idea of this project was to bring the moccasin back to basics. So we opted for the "suede" side of the leather. And voilà! The result is a raw, old-fashioned look.


TIHCHION' are now available online! Attention: they are available in limited numbers.  

Tiawenhk, entïio' chia' önenh!


  • Kwe! : hello, hi
  • Arahchiou’ : moccasins
  • Tiawenhk  : thank you
  • Entïio' chia’ : have a nice day
  • Önenh : goodbye
  • Tihchion' : stars

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