Bastien teamed up with Taourenche beads to design a moccasin with unique, colorful beadwork. The artist behind the design is Alexane Picard, a talented and dedicated Wendat. Through their partnership, Bastien and Taourenche beads wish to transmit a part of their cultural heritage.  

Who is Alexane, the face behind Taourenche beads?

Alexane is a law student who actively supports Indigenous rights and challenges. She started beading in 2022. "I was looking for an artistic way to reconnect with my Wendat cultural heritage," says Alexane.

Since then, she has been creating beaded earrings. "I like to incorporate colors and a modern touch into my jewelry," she says. Her style combines tradition and modernity, and the collaboration with Bastien was a natural fit! 

Taourenche - what does it mean?

Taourenche, also written Tahourenché or Tah8renche, means sunrise or daybreak in Wendat language.

It's also the name of François-Xavier Picard Tahourenche, Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation from 1870 to 1883. Among other things, he left his mark on history by preserving the Nation's archives and artefacts.

Taourenche is still a name associated with one Picard family in Wendake.

Here it comes: the Taourenche moccasin

"I was inspired by the significance of the name Taourenche to create a sunrise design", says Alexane. Beads with warm colors like red and yellow create a vivid contrast on the black leather of the moccasin. One thing's for sure, the Taourenche model won't go unnoticed!

Order your pair of TAOURENCHE

TAOURENCHE are now available online! Attention: limited edition.

You can also buy them at the Wendake International Pow Wow June 28-30, 2024. This will also be an opportunity to discover the creations of Taourenche beads and Bastien, as both companies will be onsite.


  • Kwe! : hello, hi
  • Tiawenhk  : thank you
  • Entïio' chia’ : have a nice day
  • Önenh : goodbye
  • Taourenche, Tahourenché ou Tah8renche : sunrise or daybreak